Book Signing & Reading w/Chuck Wanager

Book Signing & Reading w/Chuck Wanager

Friday, Oct 23, 2015 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Please consider joining us Friday October 23rd for a book signing and reading event with local author Chuck Wanager. Chuck will be on hand between 5 and 7pm at Underground Books signing copies of his book of poetry Taking My Love Offline and may do a brief reading around 6pm.

Published in late 2014, Taking My Love Offline covers a wide range of subjects, including communicationg with a loved one online, death of parents, bigotry, texting, and humorous takes on nature and life.experiences. Copies of the book will be for sale in the store. Chuck's third book, Play Sgt. Pepper One More Time will be published later this year.

From Eleanor Hoomes, also a Carrollton poet:
In TAKING MY LOVE OFF LINE Chuck Wanager wields a scalpel to slice and dice and a sledgehammer to bludgeon a poem into shape with equal skill. His writing is sharp, incisive, thoughtful, twisting and twisted. Chuck pays attention to details to create poetry that provokes readers to deep thought and feeling. The poems surprise and challenge readers; they are absorbing, and, yes, sometimes skewed because Chuck often sees the world from the other side of the looking glass. 
Dr. Eleanor Wolfe Hoomes, author of DRIVING WITH MY BLINKER ON     
Author's bio:

Chuck Wanager lives in Carrollton, Ga., and now writes when he has time. He has written a novel, Jackson Flats, along with Taking our love offline, both published by Vabella Publishing of Carrollton and available on and Barnes&Noble website. The author is also marketing a play, The iGod, and a screenplay, Speed Dating. Wanager's creative writing ventures follow a 30-career in journalism as a reporter/editor and information specialist.