The Underground Books Purchase Policy

Want to Sell or Trade Your Books? Read This First!

We specialize in purchasing large book collections, estate libraries, and housefuls of books. If you have a large book collection you are interested in selling, we can schedule a time to come to your location, evaluate your books, and offer a fair wholesale price for any books we wish to purchase. Note we are usually booked for house calls several weeks out at any given time.

While most of our book-buying is focused on private collections and estates, we do also buy smaller quantities “over-the-counter” in the shop. However, due to the high volume of books we are offered, we have become very selective. In-store purchasing is now available by appointment only. Please be aware that we are offered on average 500 to 1,000 books every week and are only able to offer cash or store credit on the very best of those books.

Before bringing in books, please contact us

by phone at (678)951-4689 or

by email at


What We Are Interested in Buying

Condition: Unless a book is exceedingly rare, we will only buy books in very good or better condition. Most books we reject are in poor condition, smell musty or moldy, are from the house of a heavy smoker, or were stored in an outdoor storage unit, etc.

Content: We do not generally pay cash for popular modern fiction and bestsellers. If you can get it at your local chain grocery store or WalMart, there is a good chance we will not purchase it. We are interested in titles in art, history, poetry, philosophy, classic literature, science, math, and other non-fiction or niche areas. We are more likely to offer cash for books that are rare, unusual, collectible first editions, out of print, uncommon, beautifully-bound, scholarly, or on obscure or taboo topics.

Textbooks: We offer year-round textbook purchasing. Local colleges and universities often only buy student textbooks back during very limited time periods. Bring in current or recent college textbooks for cash offers. Please call ahead to make sure it is a good time to bring them in.

Vinyl: We no longer deal in vinyl records and albums. We highly recommend our neighbors at The Vinyl Frontier, a few doors down from Underground Books, next to La Trattoria restaurant.


How much will I get for my books?

If we decide we would like to purchase your books, we first estimate their resale value. This is based on a combination of what we know we can sell items for in our shop and the online market value. Once we have determined our estimated resale value, we offer you a percentage of that in cash or store credit. Cash offers generally start at about 20% of our estimated resale value, but can go up if the items are especially desirable. Store credit offers are typically between 20-40% of our estimated resale value but can vary widely depending on the specific books. Many common books may only be eligible to receive store credit.

We take pride in ethical buying practices and are active members in professional bookselling associations including the American Booksellers Association, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, Independent Online Booksellers Association, and the Georgia Antiquarian Booksellers Association.