Item #6426 Little Women | Literary Candle
Little Women | Literary Candle

Little Women | Literary Candle

Our Little Women literary candle is the centerpiece of a cozy night before Christmas at Orchard House! Warmth and cheer emanate from this candle, with its strong scent of candlewood pine, Concord's native fir, a hint of smoke from a well-stoked hearth fire, and the promising scents of orange peel, cinnamon, and ginger wafting in from the kitchen. Our Little Women literary candle is sure to have you drawing your dear ones near as you dream along with Jo, "Wouldn't it be fun if all the castles in the air which we make could come true and we could live in them?"

Underground Books' literary candles are made of 100% hand-poured and sustainably sourced soy. Each candle holds 6.6 ounces of soy wax, over 30 hours of burn time, a cotton wick, and infinite opportunities to daydream, immersed in the scents of your favorite stories.

"As young readers like to know 'how people look', we will take this moment to give them a little sketch of the four sisters, who sat knitting away in the twilight, while the December snow fell quietly without, and the fire crackled cheerfully within. It was a comfortable room, though the carpet was faded and the furniture very plain, for a good picture or two hung on the walls, books filled the recesses, chrysanthemums and Christmas roses bloomed in the windows, and a pleasant atmosphere of home peace pervaded it...." New. Item #6426

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