Item #13836 Grimm's Fairy Tales | Literary Candle
Grimm's Fairy Tales | Literary Candle

Grimm's Fairy Tales | Literary Candle

Our Grimm’s Fairy Tales literary candle is as enchanting as a warmly-lit cottage in the midst of a deep, dark wood, from wherein arises the sweet scent of roasting pumpkin, spiced with cinnamon and clove, and a whisp of woodsmoke. Take care when passing through the wood, from the thicket of thorns and the threat of wild beasts, on your way into this once-upon-a-time…

Underground Books' literary candles are made of 100% hand-poured and sustainably sourced soy. Each candle holds 6.6 ounces of soy wax, over 30 hours of burn time, a cotton wick, and infinite opportunities to daydream, immersed in the scents of your favorite stories.

“Then poor Snowdrop wandered along through the wood in great fear; and the wild beasts roared about her, but none did her any harm. In the evening she came to a cottage among the hills, and went in to rest, for her little feet would carry her no further. Everything was spruce and neat in the cottage: on the table was spread a white cloth, and there were seven little plates…”. New. Item #13836

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