Item #9611 [Two Volumes by Kenneth Bulmer] Kandar (First Edition); Behold the Stars. Kenneth Bulmer.

[Two Volumes by Kenneth Bulmer] Kandar (First Edition); Behold the Stars

London / New York: Priory Books / Paperback Library, 1969.

Paperback. 7" X 4 1/2". Wear to pictorial paper wraps with rubbing, creasing, and bumps to covers, corners, and edges. Faint dust-spotting to edges of text blocks. Pages are clean and unmarked. Bindings are sound.

Two rival sorcerers cast their spells as the flames rise above Dreaming Ferranoz, capital of the bright empire of Akkar. Half-human wolflings devour its citizens. The conflicting spells meet - and paralyze the city. No one moves, even to breathe. Time stands still. The pall of smoke hangs motionless over unflickering fires.

Outside the city walls, Kandar, prince of Ferranoz, learns that he might save his people - if he can uncover the infamous Trilogy of the Damned, the books of sorcery in whose pages is locked the secret incantaion that can free Ferranoz.(Publisher)

Man had discovered a means of colonising the galaxy. Through a system of instantaneous matter transmission, men, machines, anything, could be sent light years away in seconds!

Only, men were not the only beings in the galaxy who were expanding, and at 200 light years from Earth the alien Gershmi people made their claims clear, with guns!

It would have been a fair fight between equally matched races, had not the very matter transmitter boxes which had made mankind's expansion possible, suddenly began to put men back together, 200 light years from Earth, with their will to fight removes, so that Earthmen were marching with white flags of truce straight into Gershmi fire!(Publisher). Good. Item #9611

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