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A Conversation with Earlene Scott of Scott's Books

By Megan Bell Wednesday April 5, 2017

Among the scholarship, discovery, and biblio-adventures of our profession, community is one of the greatest characteristics that define the book trade. Whether in antiquarian books or new, we have enjoyed deep camaraderie and generous mentorship from fellow booksellers. We recently had the chance to spend time with Earlene Scott, whose bookshop Scott's Books served readers in nearby Newnan, Georgia from 1976 to 2013. Earlene was kind enough to share some of her experiences selling new books in West Georgia for 36 years, including her enduring love of books, her family's history with the notorious John Wallace, and her (often revealing and humorous) observations...

Staff Picks, Part V: Nicole

Tuesday November 29, 2016

A new addition to our staff means a new addition to our blog series on staff picks! These are our responses to the question: “What are 10 books that are memorable for having some kind of impact on us as readers?” Many of them are titles that spoke to us at different points in our lives, and may not be our current favorites. We captured a kind of “highlights of our individual reading histories.”

How do we describe Nicole? She's a perfect, pregnant sunflower...a cunning, effervescent, chesnut-haired unicorn...a brilliant, talented, powerful blood moth...a clever, glorious, organized, sun goddess...nicoleblog

She's the Ann Perkins...

5 Reasons to Collect Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks

By Megan Bell Monday October 24, 2016


Ah, is there any humbler figure in the book world than that grocery store staple, the mass market paperback (MMP)? Other than that very shade of a book, "e-books," of course. You know the kind--the Lee Childs thriller, the latest Mary Higgins Clark mystery, those V. C. Andrews books you read way too young. Like the hobbits of Middle Earth, MMPs are of a much smaller stature than their peers, less showy, less refined. They're also cozy, unassuming, the salt of the earth. A collection of luxurious leatherbound tomes or pristine signed first editions is a worthy goal, but here are five reasons...

A Bloody Book, A Bawdy Binding: Celebrating Banned Books Week 2016

By Megan Bell Monday September 26, 2016


In celebration of Banned Books Week 2016, we are pleased to share a unique copy of D. H. Lawrence's oft-censored masterpiece, Lady Chatterley's Lover. This now classic novel, which focuses on the affair between a married upper class woman and a working class man, was not only banned and censored when it first appeared in 1928, an unexpurgated version was not published in the U.K. until 1960. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Lady Chatterley was put on trial not only in Britain, but in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan, and India. As you can see in this clip from the AMC show Mad Men, it was still quite scandalous in...

Letters Home from Camp Book Nerd: A Week at Rare Book School

By Megan Bell Saturday July 2, 2016

Special and heartfelt thanks to the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America's Southeast Chapter, whose generous support allowed me to attend Rare Book School this summer.

Rare book rager, "summer camp for book nerds," bookseller grad school, antiquarian 00011rbsblogAcapulco, call it what you will, Rare Book School is heaven for lovers of the word in all its varied forms. So much of my RBS experience truly was like a sleepover camp, full of skits, songs, and inside jokes, which share equal space in my notes with terms, dates, and figures. From Mark and John's Rare Book Schoolhouse Rock spoofs to dinner, drinks, and roaming about grounds with new...

Coming Soon from Underground Books: Hills & Hamlets Bookshop

Saturday May 7, 2016

We have big news...

The Underground Books team is opening a second bookstore in nearby Chattahoochee Hills' Serenbe community!

Read more over at The Carrollton Menu!

Check back with us here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram for more information as we move closer to opening the doors at Hills & Hamlets!

Down the Rabbit Hole with Megan Bell; Or, What I Do All Day

Saturday February 6, 2016

megan office

Introverts--We Can Sell Books, Too!

If you're one of our beloved locals, you probably don't see me much behind the counter at Underground Books and might be surprised to find out that I work full time (and, quite happily, beyond) for the bookstore. That's because, away from charming, historic Adamson Square, out on busy Bankhead Highway, amid the gas stations, used car lots, and family owned buffets, there's another Underground Books--the UndergroundBooks.Net office/warehouse/annex (we've never really settled on a name).  This is my dominion.

The office is where we store large collections we buy while we put on our Sorting Hats and research the...

The Underground Books Holiday Gift Guide

By Megan Bell Thursday December 3, 2015

If you're having trouble finding the perfect gifts this holiday season, Underground Books is here to help! We hope you enjoy these selections from UndergroundBooks.Net, and if you're local, remember we carry litographs, Out of Print t-shirts, Frostbeard Studio candles, and our own vintage book journals in the shop.

For The Christmas Caroler

What do you get the Elf-watching, hall-decking, mistletoe hanging Christmas fanatic in your life? A few suggestions: a first printing of beloved children's classic and Christmas staple The Polar Express would be perfect, a first printing of W. Somerset Maugham's political, prostitute-starring novel Christmas Holiday would certainly be an interesting choice, or...

The Runaway Couple: Our Scouting Trip to Chattanooga

Saturday October 31, 2015


Talk to any antiquarian book dealer over the age of 50 and you’ll hear about the glory days of book scouting, back before the internet. There was a time (especially in larger cities with lots of bookstores) when a person could make a living hunting for books to sell to used & antiquarian bookstores. They would learn what bookstore owners in their region would buy, and they would scour yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, and estate sales for books that matched the buying interests of those stores, and they could make a living doing this. This involved a lot of...

Gone But Not Forgotten: Our Favorite Sold Books

Saturday October 3, 2015

Handling rare and antiquarian books, you're bound to fall in love from time to time. We consider placing a treasured book in the right hands an honor, but sometimes we wish we had just a little more time to admire them. These are just a few of the ones that got away, along with our current obsessions.

Songs of Love and War by William Allan

1803_1Megan: I dearly loved this 1900 collection of Scottish poetry because of the sad little love story its accompanying ephemera told (with the beautiful gilt-stamped burgundy cloth adding to its charm). This association copy was inscribed by...